Thank you

12 Oct, 2018 News

A huge, heartfelt thank you to everyone who has made the Advent of Change launch a success, and to each person who has already purchased a calendar - you're my hero! It's an amazing thing to see a little idea become reality, even better to see it receive such a wonderful reception, and the absolute best to know that it's set to benefit such amazing causes. I'm honoured to be supporting each of the 24 charities with Advent of Change. The process has at times highlighted how much there is wrong with the world, but more than anything has shown me how much more good there is... and added to the determination to raise every penny possible! I'm also completely in awe of the corporate partners and volunteers who have made this possible - without you none of this would have happened, I'm sure of it. So many people took risks, did favours, gave up time, money, effort (not to mention weekends) to make this possible and there will never be enough ways to say thank you. Already this has been the hardest, humbling and most rewarding experience of my career (and if I come to think of it, probably my life)! In short, what a journey... and this is just the start. Here's to whatever the next couple of months may bring, and to little ideas that can change the world!

- Kristina x

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