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23 Sep, 2018 Blog

Introducing… our Operational Team

Here at Advent of Change, we couldn’t do the work we do without the support from our amazing team. Our dedicated team members are the beating heart of the movement, and for our first blog post, we thought we’d introduce the Operational members of our team, so you know exactly who you will be talking to if you contact us directly.


Rachel and Pammy
Rachel and Pammy manage the copy side of Advent of Change, including creating website content, writing press releases and – most importantly – finalising the wording on the product itself! 


Emily, Lynda and Katie

We have Emily to thank for the Advent of Change calendar design and overall branding which can be seen throughout the website and social feeds. With support from Lynda and Katie with the ongoing creation of social and animation assets.



Anca handles all finance matters for the project, and is in charge and tallying up all of our wonderful donations!



Kristina is the founder, and day-to-day manager of all things Advent of Change.



Paul runs all retail relations for Advent of Change, and manages all operations with our retail partner. 

Social Media


Leanne oversees everything in the world of social media; creating content schedules, engaging with our followers and liaising with our Advent of Change Champions. 

Web development and IT


Matt is our resident tech-wizard, as well as building our wonderful website.

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