Challenge no. 9

07 Apr, 2019 Blog

In today's busy, modern world it can be tricky to find the time to develop ourselves, or learn new skills... But we are wired to keep growing and learning throughout our lives. 

In fact, research shows that each time you learn something new your brain makes new connections, and it can even lead to improved memory... not to mention higher scores in pub-quizzes! 

That's why this week, we're challenging you to learn something new - it can be as simple as an obscure fact, as complex as a new skill - or how about a magic trick? 

Let us know how you get on using the hashtag #OpenUpToChange on social media or by writing to us. We’d also love to hear any ideas for the next World-Changer Challenge!

About the World-Changer Challenge

Here at Advent of Change, we aim to create a world that is fair, equal and sustainable. As part of that mission, we have developed The World-Changer Challenge: a weekly challenge inspiring a small day-to-day change with a big impact on the world. It’s the little things that add up, and together we have the power to make a huge impact.

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