Challenge no. 5

17 Feb, 2019 Blog

We are delighted to announce our fifth World-Changer Challenge…

No single use plastic for a whole day

One of our previous challenges was to swap your single-use water bottle or coffee cup for a reusable one – and we were delighted to see everyone get involved, sharing their reusable bottles with us on social media.

However, the plastic problem reaches far beyond drink receptacles. Scientists estimate that a shocking eight million tons of plastic end up in our oceans each year – adding to the estimated 150 million tons currently there.

But together we can turn the tide on plastic with small steps to cutting out single-use plastic in our daily lives. The Guardian revealed that in 2018 supermarkets alone put one million tonnes of plastic packaging on to the market, showing that we as consumers have the power to change this by opting for different products.

Here are some top tips of how you can go a whole day without single-use plastic:

  • Buy your milk in returnable glass bottles – this will see you through breakfast and your daily hot drinks
  • Keep reusable shopping bags in your car – so you don’t get caught out when shopping
  • Buy loose fruit and vegetables and fresh bread – these come in recyclable paper bags
  • Use foil instead of cling film when saving food or making packed lunches
  • Use recyclable drinks straws – these are now commonly available in bars and cafes.

Let us know how you get on using the hashtag #OpenUpToChange on social media or by writing to us. We’d also love to hear any ideas for the next World-Changer Challenge!

About the World-Changer Challenge

Here at Advent of Change, we aim to create a world that is fair, equal and sustainable. As part of that mission, we have developed The World-Changer Challenge: a weekly challenge inspiring a small day-to-day change with a big impact on the world. It’s the little things that add up, and together we have the power to make a huge impact.

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