Challenge no. 11

21 May, 2019 Blog

Spend some time in nature

This week we want you to get outside – after all, nature is a rather wonderful place to be! And now the warmer weather is here, there is no better time to rediscover your love of the great outdoors, surrounding ourselves with beautiful spring flowers, baby animals, blue skies and bird song.

Exploring outdoors is not just beneficial for our physical health, but has a positive effect on our mental health, too – and this has been scientifically proven! A pioneering study by the creators of Urban Mind suggests that the positive effects of a single exposure to nature can last for seven hours. Seven hours of positive vibes – sign us up!

This could be anything from a lunchtime walk to reading in the garden on a weekend – anything that gets you out of the house or office. There’s likely plenty to see on your doorstep, but if you are someone who needs more of a ‘purpose’ when venturing somewhere, then here are some fun ideas for getting out and about:

  • Walk a friend or neighbour’s dog (with their blessing, obviously…)
  • Have a picnic with friends or family
  • Visit a seasonal wildflower trail, such as bluebell woods in April and May
  • Read in the park on your lunch hour
  • Take up bird watching – there’s more out there than pigeons, you know!
  • Grow vegetables in your garden or plant some new flowers
  • Take up outdoor yoga/breathing exercises
  • Go on a scavenger hunt – perfect for children and adults alike!

About the World-Changer Challenge

Here at Advent of Change, we aim to create a world that is fair, equal and sustainable. As part of that mission, we have developed The World-Changer Challenge: a weekly challenge inspiring a small day-to-day change with a big impact on the world. It’s the little things that add up, and together we have the power to make a huge impact.

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