5 more ways you’ve changed the world this year…

08 Aug, 2019 Blog

Last month, we posted our first blog post about how you’ve made an amazing difference to our 24 charities by purchasing our first ever Advent of Change calendar – including providing 257 bereaved children in the UK with their very own memory box, and giving 275 life-changing poultry toolkits to extremely poor women in India.

We were incredibly proud to have raised £98,520 for charity in our first year, but it’s important to look beyond the figure, and find out how your generous donations have changed lives. 

In this next blog post, we find out how you have supported CHICKS, The Hunger Project, Dallaglio RugbyWorks, James’s Place and Bread and Water for Africa UK.


“Thanks to Advent of Change, more disadvantaged children from across the UK will have the chance to escape their incredibly challenging home lives, and experience the joys of a CHICKS respite break.”

We love this painting created by a young girl named Sarah on her CHICKS break in April:

The Hunger Project

“Funds raised by Advent of Change have helped support  The Hunger Project in their work empowering people to build healthy and hunger-free futures for themselves and their children.”

The Hunger Project also provided Allen and Nalwasa Silvia’s stories to illustrate the impact your donations can have:

“Meet mum Allen. Allen is 25 years old and seven months pregnant with her third child. Allen already has two daughters who were born at The Hunger Project clinic in Wakiso, Uganda. “Fortunately both pregnancies and childbirth went well. This time I would like to go to a clinic of The Hunger Project too, but now in Namayumba. My mother lives nearby and that way she can help me better after the birth. I hope to have a boy this time...”

Photography credit: Reinier van Oorsouw

“Meet Nalwasa Silvia, a nurse working at the health clinic of The Hunger Project epicentre (community) in Namayumba, Uganda. Nalwasa enjoys the working at the facility, where she works five days a week. “What keeps me going? Patients appreciate me, and are happy with the service I provide. And what makes me proud? Seeing when patients getting better due to my treatment.””

Photography credit: Reinier van Oorsouw

Dallaglio RugbyWorks

“It’s been fantastic working with Advent of Change over the last year, we are so proud RugbyWorks have been involved from the start and look forward to continuing this incredible initiative for years to come.”

James' Place

“The money helped us to set up our Mentor Scheme, which has been created and delivered by our Volunteer Coordinator, Katya Clifford. The funds have helped us to produce and deliver a training programme to volunteers to prepare them to provide support and friendship to the men who use our service. We will also be in a position to offer support and supervision to these mentors as they work with our service users as an additional form of help to the therapeutic intervention we offer”


Bread and Water for Africa UK

“We’re really delighted to tell you that thanks to your generous support not only could the Murakaza School be rebuilt after the storm it has been able to build kindergarten rooms, providing 94 places to give the youngest children in the community a good start in life. Altogether we have 260 children at the Murakaza School and Kindergarten, so we now have four teachers plus three nursery teaching assistants, and one assistant in first primary.  And now – thanks to YOU – we have started the Porridge project. No more empty tummies and children too weak to learn.”

Bread and Water for Africa UK


BWFA also provided information about two of their campaigns to illustrate the impact your donations can have:

A bowl of porridge for each child every day for a year

We’re now providing breakfast for children at the school, giving each child a daily bowl of fortified of porridge that contains all the vitamins and minerals they urgently need.

This started after our teachers noticed that many of the children were too hungry to concentrate and fell asleep during lessons and didn’t have the energy to play during recess. They realised that many children come from families, which are just too poor to provide enough food for their children every day.

Giving parents a livelihood

CAPE is also supporting the children’s parents by running a sewing workshop to teach them to sew, to give them the chance to earn a living by making and repairing clothes for families in their communities. At the moment, parents at the workshop earn money by making school uniforms for Murakaza School. 

Thank you so much for your amazing support!

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