The Road Victims Trust

The Road Victims Trust was founded in 1995, and provides free, confidential, emotional and practical support to those affected by fatal road collisions in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire. We work in partnership with the police forces in these counties as part of their wish that those affected are supported following a fatal road collision.

We support in excess of 550 people each year. The support is delivered by our highly-skilled and professional team of staff and specialist counselling volunteers. We have experience of listening to and talking with people, and are trained to work with the effects of a road death and the legal and coronial procedures that follow. We understand that this is a difficult, emotional and often confusing time, and we offer support through the practical tasks and procedures which follow the collision.

“The Road Victim’s Trust’s work to give much-needed comfort and support to those affected by a road fatality is extremely important. We’re so proud to be supporting them with Advent of Change.”

Kristina - Founder, Advent of Change

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