Bread and Water for Africa UK

Bread and Water for Africa UK works with local grassroots organisations to fight poverty by supporting sustainable projects across Africa. We help fund schools, lifesaving health clinics and loving homes for abandoned and orphaned children in some of the world’s poorest countries.

We focus on long-term initiatives rather than temporary relief efforts, so that our impact lasts for generations to come. We give African communities a hand up, not a handout, to help them become central actors in their own development. We work directly with our partners making sure everything is sourced and arranged locally, to ensure the quickest solution and most cost effective use of our funds. It also means that your donation can be put to effect immediately.

“By investing in African-run grassroots projects in health, education and nutrition, Bread and Water for Africa are making a huge difference to impoverished communities. We couldn’t be happier to give them our whole-hearted support.”

Kristina - Founder, Advent of Change

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