Born Free

Born Free is an international wildlife charity working tirelessly to ensure that all wild animals, whether living in captivity or in the wild, are treated with compassion and respect and are able to live their lives according to their needs.

Born Free opposes the exploitation of wild animals in captivity and campaigns to Keep Wildlife in the Wild. The charity promotes Compassionate Conservation to enhance the survival of threatened species in the wild and protect natural habitats while respecting the needs and safeguarding the welfare of individual animals.

The Sussex-based charity was founded by actress and conservationist Virginia McKenna OBE, with her late husband Bill Travers MBE and their eldest son Will Travers OBE. Today, Born Free runs conservation projects in over 20 countries across the globe, protecting wild animals including big cats and elephants.


“From protecting wild animals in their own environment to rescuing and rehabilitating them from a life in captivity, we’re proud to be supporting the amazing work Born Free accomplish as a leading wildlife charity.”

Rachel, Advent of Change

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